Regulatory and Compliance experience leads to success

Numeric Solutions recognizes the growing importance of regulatory and compliance to promote successful energy and water management projects.

Numeric Solutions has a record of helping clients secure project permits in challenging environments. Working with stakeholders of all types, from regulatory authorities to public interest groups, our experienced staff help operators navigate the potentially complex regulatory process.

As such we have developed experience in regulatory and compliance tasks related to the following.

  • Salt water / brine disposal permitting
  • Federal, State and local community permitting of hydrocarbon and water extraction projects.
  • Well stimulation regulations, including hydraulic fracturing and acidizing.
  • Strategic planning
  • Regulator and compliance agency interface and coordination
  • Permit application preparation, scheduling and acquisition
  • Land Use and Conditional Use permits
  • Well stimulation notices, including hydraulic fracturing and acidizing (California Senate Bill 4 / SB 4)
  • Waste-water, water treatment and surface impoundment discharge permits
  • Coastal Development permits
  • Practical mitigation plan development
  • Air quality permitting
  • Oil and Gas / Water source well drilling and injection well permits
  • California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (CADOGGR), and the Texas Railroad Commission (TXRRC) well permits, Injection well permits, NOIs
  • GIS & Mapping
  • UIC Permitting & US EPA Aquifer Exemptions

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