Oil & Gas Specialists

Preferred Partner for the Oil & Gas Industry

Our expertise in oil and gas exploration and production (E&P), data management, and energy finance allows Numeric Solutions services to add value and assess risk for clients.

Numeric Solutions energy services include:

  • Development and analysis of upstream oil and gas projects
    • Oil and gas project/prospect development
    • M&A support – Engineering and geoscience services for upstream project evaluation
    • Deal sourcing
    • Capital sourcing
  • Expert witness testimony

Typical energy projects include:

  • Oil and Gas prospect generation for independent E&P
  • Project uncertainty modeling for large integrated E&P
  • M&A technical and financial due diligence services for Private Equity
  • Oil and gas asset sales and acquisition


Our collective experience in the Oil and Gas industry allow us to deliver a range of products and services that simplify the daily tasks of the people in your organization.

Information Management Consulting

We work with oil companies, government agencies and industry associations to help them establish Information Management strategies and policies, and to identify the best workflows and the best tools to improve their confidence in the accessibility and quality of data, information and knowledge.

GIS Consulting

Our expertise with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), combined with our geoscience background and knowledge of the oil and gas industry, makes us the preferred partner for oil companies that want to exploit this increasingly popular technology. We can work with you to define your GIS strategy and design your entire spatial data infrastructure.

GIS Data Packages

Western USA – a quality controlled GIS data set that covers the onshore portion of the USA. We have also developed custom exploration–ready GIS databases for clients in Asia.


Project Management

Experienced professionals are in short supply and can be expensive to have on staff. We offer exploration, development , operational and acquisition/divestiture project management giving the client added confidence and support when and where it is needed for short term or long term projects.



  • Basin studies
  • Prospecting
  • Evaluations
  • Consultation


  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Full field analysis
  • Depletion programs
  • Volumetrics
  • Project Management
  • Operational oversight
  • Geosteering


  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • 3D modeling
  • Business Development

Data Management

  • Data loading, project setup, seismic management, interp ready projects, data QC, custom database development and integration
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise and spatial database development.

Technical Support

  • Cross discipline modeling
  • Cross team modeling
  • Departmental resource
  • Predictive Fracture modeling
  • Real-time modeling for drilling support using LWD/MWD data

User Support / Best Practice / Mentoring / Training

  • Resources for established or developing EarthVision/Gocad/PETREL/RMS users
  • Hints, tips, best practice, assistance, collaboration

Project Integration

  • Resource within a specific project.
  • Exploration data integration
  • Integration within one active depository of project ideas and status


  • Property acquisition evaluations

System Administration

  • Installations, updates, licensing

Ops Geology / Real Time Drilling Support

  • Pre drill preparation of data, uncertainty and geo model
  • Follow well operations. Daily updates of data and model.
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Updated model at any time
  • Probabilistic volumetrics

Probabilistic volumetrics based upon an understanding of geological uncertainty and its incorporation into 3D geomodels is becoming an industry standard approach to decision making.


Team Integration

  • Resource within a specific team.
  • Production/development team integration
  • Integration of multi disciplinary technical work
  • Development and presentation of current Team “view”
  • Enhance communication between disciplines

Remote Assistance and Expert Cover

  • Using remote login solutions, FTP sites and portable licenses
  • Assistance at any level at any time
  • Emergency site visits
  • Cover for holidays, maternity/paternity etc

Project Products

  • Delivering interpretation ready projects.
  • Project housekeeping and Database development
  • Project upgrading
  • Workflow generation for existing projects

Geophysical Products

  • Offsite interpretation
  • Fault modeling
  • Fracture estimation
  • Seismic attribute generation and ANT tracking

Geological Products

  • Complex aquifer and reservoir characterization.
  • Detailed facies modeling
  • Petrophysical log analysis and model characterization
  • Volumetric cases and probabilistic volumetrics

Simulation Products

  • Integration products between geology and reservoir engineering
  • Grid rebuilds for simulation
  • ECLIPSE and MODFLOW ready projects

Integration Products

  • Cross disciplinary models
  • Workflow creation and advanced workflows

Evolutionary Products

  • Utilizing workflows for anticipated future work
  • Time saving workflows
  • Work replication for uncertainty analysis
  • Idea testing workflows

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