Carbon Storage

Comprehensive Expertise in Carbon Capture & Storage

Founded in Ventura, California, in 1999, Numeric Solutions LLC (Numeric) is a leader in delivering comprehensive carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions. Our team of geologists, engineers, regulatory specialists, and insurance & finance experts brings together a diverse array of skills to support all aspects of CCS projects—from initial feasibility studies and permitting to well drilling, monitoring, and reporting. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and technological excellence, Numeric is pioneering the path toward a low carbon future.

Comprehensive CCS Solutions: From Concept to Credits


Scoping & Feasibility Studies

At Numeric, we begin with in-depth scoping and feasibility assessments, employing cutting-edge methodologies to evaluate the viability and potential of CCS projects.


Class VI UIC Permitting

Our unparalleled experience includes leading or supporting over 10 Class VI UIC applications, achieving administrative completeness for 7, a testament to our mastery over regulatory intricacies.

Advanced Geomodeling & Simulation

We develop robust static (Petrel) and dynamic models (CMG, Eclipse, OPM Flow) crucial for Area of Review (AoR) determination and corrective action planning, ensuring project success and compliance.

Comprehensive Project Development

From technical development, site characterization, and financial assurance to well engineering, operations, and environmental justice, Numeric provides end-to-end project execution capabilities.

Distinguished Project & Permitting Experience

  • 7 authored administratively complete Class VI UIC applications
  • 50+ California Class II UIC permit applications
  • 4 EPA aquifer exemption applications
  • Underground gas storage hazard analyses
  • Ground & surface water monitoring, sampling, & telemetry design

CCS Experience Across the U.S.

Our Management Team

John Harris, President

John brings over 26 years of global experience in oil and gas E&P, CCS, and water resource management. With a foundation in geoscience, John’s strategic vision and commitment to technology & innovation have been instrumental in driving Numeric’s success in delivering innovative CCS solutions.

Eric White, PG, Vice President / Geologist

Eric’s decade of experience across oil and gas and CCS projects showcases his prowess in geological modeling, project management, and UIC permitting.

Paul T. Codd, PE, Vice President / Engineering

Paul brings over 35 years of oil and gas operations expertise, now focused on developing state-of-the-art CCS injection and monitoring solutions.

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